Leadership Training and Church Planting Initiatives

Our relationship and missions in India date back to before the conception of The Well. Since that time thousands of churches have been planted, thousands of leaders have been trained, and hundreds more healed and delivered. 

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Up & Coming Movement

The Well has begun working with established missions within Cambodia and is moving towards a significant movement within Cambodia. 

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Up & Coming Deliverance Movement

The Well has begun working with established churches within Canada and is moving towards seeing signs, wonders and freedom break out in the North! 

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Long Term Relationships With Incredible Results

The Well has worked in Haiti for over a decade. We have seen the sick healed, the dead raised, and many come to know Jesus as well as had thousands of churches planted. More about the work that was started here can be found in Mike and Andrea's book, Pioneering Fath.

Pioneering Faith


Kevin Dawson

Kevin Dawson has been active in ministry since he was very young. Since 1995, he has invested primarily in reaching young people with the gospel, discipling them toward maturity in Christ, and releasing them to fulfill their God-given destinies. Kevin is a pastor, a teacher, an author, and a missionary who is passionate about seeing leaders trained and equipped with the fullness of the Gospel. He currently resides in Santiago, Dominican Republic, where he serves in a multicultural community alongside Dominicans, Haitians, and other Americans. He teaches Bible classes to 7th and 8th grade students and is a member of the spiritual life team at Santiago Christian School. He works closely with Pastor Stanley Philippe of Iglesia Comunidad Multicultural and Jubilee Community Center among the underserved population of Pontezuela, an impoverished community within Santiago. Your faithful prayers, encouragement, and financial support allow him to continue reaching and discipling the future leaders of the island of Hispaniola.