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In recent months I have had the honor and privilege of ministering to a group of men who are working on overcoming the chaos of life’s circumstances. With each trip, the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about the need for leaders of the body to be vulnerable and authentic from the pulpit in a world of chaos.

I feel as if the Lord is saying, “ in times of chaos, disorganization, and what seems to be a failure; joy, love, peace, and happiness can be found. “

“Look to me for I am a refuge for you in your times of need,” says the Lord. “An abundance of peace awaits when the waters of destruction seem to be at their peak. A solace, a place of rest for my children is ever present, for my heart is empty without them. A strong tower I am,” says the great I AM. “Sit in my lap and enjoy the embrace of my arms as you feel my heartbeat for you,” says the Lord.

“The plans I have for you are plans of joy, success, and happiness. For out of the curse of Adam a victor was birthed and I AM that victor,” says the Messiah. “I am with you through the valley and will lead you by the still water where I will rest with you.

“For the corruption of lies and false identifications defined by the enemy will be broken and your true identity will be proclaimed along with the new names I have given. For out of the chaos my children will be delivered, the reality of the unseen things of my Kingdom shall trump all false kingdoms. For I came to restore the things that were stolen as my heart is shared with my people, for they will know the deepest depths of it and they will live from my heart as the unseen realities become the reality.

“I, the Lord, alone who speaks by the authority of God through the Holy Spirit make this decree unto you. You shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds forth from the heart of my Father.

“A breath of new life is being birthed, systems are shifting and a marked change is taking place as my Kingdom burst forth. Even from the time of John the Baptist, my kingdom has been coming forth.

“See with my eyes. As a shift of illumination evolves a new birthing of my heart in man shall become visible. For it shall carry a greater understanding of My heart and desires to the body.

Satan seeks to destroy and consume your blessings, but I, the Victor, have won.” Amen

We all have found ourselves in a real season of revival that most of us have yet to experience. Youth are rising up on college campuses all over our country, hungry for more of God running the race with patience. Unity is being found in the midst of chaos in our time. They are redefining the established definitions of the body of Christ.

Be authentic as you shine forth the Father's heart.

Pastor James Abbott