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I heard the Lord say, “An East wind is about to blow across the United States.” 

I saw a map of the US, and immediately, three cities were highlighted: St. Augustine, Florida, Washington DC, and Philadelphia, PA. These 3 cities mark the nation’s oldest city, the first/original capital of the nation, and the current capital of the nation. All are located on the East.

The East Wind blows from East to West in the natural. This wind is known as a causative wind in scripture and also in many ancient worldviews. The native Americans associate this wind with the eagle.

St. Augustine, Florida:
In St. Augustine, I saw a forceful wind and great storm that would carry destruction like a hurricane. I heard the Lord say that a natural hurricane would hit this ancient city this hurricane season (2023) as a confirmation and sign of what God is doing in this hour. While this may look destructive in the natural, it will also be a resetting of the order of the Lord for this Eastern Gate. The fear of the Lord will be returned to this city and the following will be an outpouring of God’s spirit after the storm. The jar of revival oil will be poured out over this city. Further, after the winds and water subsided, I saw many ancient “ships in a bottle” washing upon the shores along the coast. Some also had scrolls inside with instructions for how to rebuild following the storm. These were like blueprints sent from the past but were to be used to build in this next season. Other bottles contained love letters as reminders of the promises and faithfulness of God through the storms. A team was deployed to gather the bottles and find the blueprints.

Washington, DC:
In DC, I heard the Lord say concerning the upcoming presidential election, “Watch the number 2 as much as the number 1.” The East Wind ultimately caused Joseph to be appointed as second in command over all of Egypt. This also gave him the ear of Pharaoh, the man in charge or the “number 1.” As “number 2,” Joseph carried out the strategy and plans of the Lord for the land through 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine. These were cycles of completion, not just a timeline of years. The famine was caused by the destructional force of the East Wind. Watch the “number 2.” He will have the ear of the “number 1.” As the heart of the nation, this will begin the great turning back to One Nation Under God. Additionally, many have been prophesying about the 7 years of famine coming upon our nation. While I believe there will be a season of famine across the land, I felt the Lord urging not to focus on the timeline but rather the cycle that needs to be completed. For Joseph, it was 7 years; for the US, it will not last this long. Don’t get distracted on the years as much as the cycle that needs to be completed in our nation to fulfill the promises of God.

In Philadelphia, I saw a plague coming upon the city resulting in a great deliverance and rebirthing that would impact the entire nation. Philadelphia will be the womb of revival that will sweep the US as another Great Awakening, from the East to the West. This plague will be sent from the East Wind by God as the locusts were sent against Egypt and Pharoah through Moses in Exodus 10 to ultimately set his people free. This may appear as darkness initially, but God will restore all that is eaten and destroyed by the locusts according to his promises in Joel 2:25, “Then I will make up to you for the years
That the swarming locust has eaten, The creeping locust, the stripping locust and the gnawing locust, My great army which I sent among you.”

Watch the government during this time. God will use this to cause a great shift governmentally which will affect the rest of the nation. Upon the shift, a great turning will occur in the city of Philadelphia that affects the rest of the nation as God shifts the wind and removes the plague. A great restoration will occur in the streets of this great city. Philadelphia will once again be the a city of hope, promise, and new life. As a result of this shift, the US will be reborn as a nation. 

Following the plague like locusts, a plague of darkness fell upon the city just as in Exodus 10. It was like a blackout. I then saw an older, black couple sitting in their home by the river. The man had white/gray hair and square glasses. It was night and they were sitting around a small candle in a gold candlestick holder with a single finger holder in their living room. They were literally “burning the midnight oil” to keep this flame alive and had been doing so for decades as they prayed and watched over the city of Philadelphia during the night hours. I watched them pray in the darkness and noticed several glass, gallon-sized jars in their room. As they prayed, the jars would fill with oil and multiply. This room looked old with hardwood floors. It was this oil from their prayers that kept this flame going all of these years. It also was stockpiling oil for the plagues so that this flame would not burn out. When the plague hit the city, so did the darkness like a massive blackout. However, many saw this candle glowing from all across the city and began to come to their home. Because of the oil they had stockpiled through their decades of prayer and intercession, they had more than enough to share, and they gave it out freely to all who came. The oil lasted through the plague so the fire never burned out. When the darkness lifted, it was as if the city went “color-blind” just as in the days of the Azusa Street revival. The darkness had eradicated the curse of racism in the city, and a new day had dawned as the sun rose over the river. 

I then saw a great East Wind hitting the entire eastern US with a blowing of deliverance that would sweep the land, from the East to the West. As Azusa Street came from the west and moved East, this move would begin in the East and move West until it overtook all of California. This wind would utterly destroy the works of evil and reveal all that had been hidden or attempting to hide in darkness. This wind will also set people free in mass events as the wind overtakes thousands at one time (mass deliverance services). This wind will cause things to surface that appear hideous, but do not fear what is brought to the light. Whatever remains hidden maintains its power, but whatever is brought to the surface is also revealed and on display for the world to see. Another season of revealing that which is hidden is upon us just as in 2020.

I saw this wind blowing heaps of dust off of dreams, promises, and prophecies that were shelved and forgotten. God is restoring dreams to his people in this hour. It appeared like old encyclopedias sitting on bookshelves that were coming back to relevancy and purpose once again. Deliver America, oh Lord, just as you did your people at the Red Sea in Exodus 14! May we escape our bondage and slavery as you wash away those who oppress your people with the power of the East Wind. 

By Andrea Brewer, 
Member and Elder in The Well Global Alliance